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1910 LED Flashlight

Pelican 1910 LED Flashlight

This compact flashlight produces an ultra bright beam by using a LED powered by 1 AAA 1.5V Alkaline battery. The 1910 flashlight is designed for easy use with one hand operation and has a dua-switch mode for constant-on and momemtary-on. the 1910 flashlight body is made by high precision CNC machines from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for the most durable construction. The 1910 flashlight is water resistant. 39 Lumens, 1 hour run time. 3.6" L, 1.4oz w/battery.



1920 LED Flashlight

Pelican 1920 LED

The new ultra compact aluminum 1920 flashlight is designed with style and function in mind. Using readily available AAA batteries, this bright LED lights create a clean white beam. Long 2.45 hour minimum burn times combined with hi-lumen output make for an efficient lighting tool; the perfect personal light. 5.3" L, 2.2 oz. w/battery, 67 Lumens



2220 VB3 LED

Minimum pack 6 pcs.


2220 VB3 LED

Pelican's latest addition to the VersaBrite® family in an LED version. Dual super bright white LEDs never need replacing and provide over 30 hours of battery usage. Lights turn on when head is flipped up. Swivel head pivots to a full 180° for light where you need it. The body is made of virtually indestructible Xenoy®. Water resistant, the multiple use built-in clip attaches to surfaces up to 1/2" thick. 9 Lumens, 3 volts, .6 watts, Includes: 2 CR2032 3V Lithium Coin Cells, .1 amp, battery burn time: 34 hours. Lamp: (2) 5mm LED. Weight with batteries 30 g. (1 oz.) COLOR: translucent blue or red, Orange, black or yellow. NOT FOR SCUBA APPLICATIONS. NON-SUBMERSIBLE. Minimum pack 6 ea.



2360C LED

Length: 6.2" (15.5 cm)

If you like the convenience of AA alkaline batteries, but need the performance of lithium batteries, the 2360 LED is the light for you. Using 2 standard AA alkaline batteries, the new 2360 LED emits a peak output of 110 lumens. With a run time of up to 2 hours on high and 40 on Low (10 Lumens), the last thing you will need to worry about while on the job, is a dim flashlight or dead batteries. Constructed with the most durable of materials: an aerospace grade aluminum body and an impact resistant LED lamp module, the 2360 LED keeps you on point without equipment failure. High and Low light output is available with a push of the tail button. It features a non-slip textured body for secure handling. The removable two way pocket clip securely attaches the 2360 to your pocket or the brim of your hat. 6.2" Long.

Weight w/Batteries: 5.4 oz. (0.13 kg)

Weight w/o Batteries: 3.7oz. (0.08 kg)

Color: Black



2370 LED

Length: 6.43" (16.3 cm)

Pelican 2370 LED


Our most sophisticated aerospace grade aluminum flashlight, the new 2370 LED flashlight has been designed as 3 lights in one.

A rotating magnetic dial switches between bright white light and night vision red or blue light, so the 2370 LED is the only light you will need, whether piloting an aircraft, or navigating a park trail at night. The anodized aluminum body is strong and light weight while the strengthened steel clip fastens securely to your pocket. runtime on High is 3 hour 45 min. (106 lumens), 41 hours 15 min. on Low (13 Lumens), 6.5oz w/batteries.

The new 2370 LED: It keeps you dialed in to the action.

2720C LED Headlight




2720 LED Headlight
Body Material: ABS
• Gesture Activation Control
• Variable Light Output
• Dual Red LED Night Vision
Gloved hands, wet hands or oily hands are not an issue when using the 2720 with Gesture Activation Control technology. Turn on the light with a wave of a hand. Additional features include: Low level red light that preserves night vision, for nighttime applications. Signaling red (S.O.S) beacon light. Optical 4x magnification allows for a wide or penetrating beam,. Including a variable light output from 100%-10%. 3 AAA Alkaline (Included).

80 Lumens on High, 5 Lumens on Low

8 Hour burn time on High, 17.5 Hours on Low

Beam distance: 56 Meters on High, 15 on Low

Minimum Pack 1 ea.



9420XL LED Work Light Kit

Pelican 9420xl Work Light

9420XL LED Work Light Kit
Now you can start your day before sunrise if you have the new portable Pelican ProGear 9420 LED Work Light in your tool crib. Equipped with two LEDs (1000 lumens of light and 4 hours of burn time), plus a 5 foot high mast deploys easily in seconds and illuminates your entire work area. With the 9420 you will get the job done without the hassle of power cords.

Accessing the basement or the attic is easy when you sling the lightweight and collapsible 9420 over your shoulder. The new Pelican ProGear 9420 LED Work Light: Keeps you moving at the speed of light.

The 9420XL LED Work Light Kit includes the following:
• Blow-molded Case
• 2 - Cat #9421 Lithium-ion Batteries
• Cat #9422 DC Vehicle Charger
• Cat #9423 AC Main Charger with Transformer
• Cat #9424 Charging Station
• Cat #9427 Easy Carry Shoulder Strap500 Lumen on Low, 1000 Lumen on High

Length closed 29", Mast Height extended 62"

Pelican 9420 Work Light

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